Making Tracks

It is so cold, icy and snowy that I can only be out in the Wilderland with Snowshoes if I want to do any kind of rambling about. I have been on long wlaks at Popham Beach and Hermit Island, I have also popped them on at Sebasco and the edge of Center Pond. I have a great pair that I have fallen in love with from LL Bean.

Gear is very important if you are chosing to be successful in such harsh conditions.

There is no cell reception in the places I frequent and when the weather is -7 and the wind is howling the last thing I would want to happen is for my gear to fail. These snowshoes have been great, so far. This pair is easy to put on and take off. When it is mighty cold, I do not want to be fussing with Snowshoes. I recommend these snowshoes, they are amazing.

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