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Winter is in Retreat

I think of each Season as being a wheel. When we are at the top of the wheel it just couldn't be any more like a Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn day. Funny, each year we never know how long we will be on top of that wheel. I can tell you this, the Winter of 2015 had an enormous wheel that seemed never ending. Maybe our Summer will be like that too, just to balance things out!

I am noticing the Ice is starting to melt and retreat out here in the Wilderland. These photos were taken at Popham, on the shore of the Atkins Bay. This is where the Kennebec River and the Gulf of Maine start their big convergence.

Photographing at the end of the day is a very quiet time. Usually just myself and a few Eiders. On this particular evening the light seemed to turn Silvery shades of Blue, Peach and Pink. I was delighted with the subtle nuances and with the promise and hope of Spring, finally arriving here in the Wilderland. To see more photos click here.

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