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Shoes of the Wilderland... All About the Gear

My Wilderland Project has been a labor of love and determination I have just completed the fourth and final year. I am a Photographer who has walked 3-5 miles most everyday for this Project. I made it my job for the past four years to create a Visual Narrative of the Kennebec River Watershed. The ever changing Maine weather, snow, ice, rain, freezing rain, sun, heat, wind sand, rocks and slippery surfaces at low tide presented daily challenges, but my sturdy, well made and highly engineered shoes were always consistent and reliable. This series of images which I call "Leave only Footprints" was created out of practical necessity. When I would go out to shoot I started taking images of my shoes on the trail. It became my visual almanac, by looking at the shoe and the trail, it tells me the conditions and the general temperature. ** see below for footnote!




***Are you wondering why my shoes all look to be in good condition? It is because I have to replace my shoes every few months, the bodies and soles and inserts breakdown. I have balance issues and neuropathy in both of my feet. This means I must have excellent foot support and be mindful with every step.

If you have foot issues, find the shoes that are right with you and as we get older it is important to make sure your foot is refitted, everytime you buy a new pair of shoes. Everytime.

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