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Wilderland Photo Almanac Portfolio

Most everyday, for 4 years, regardless of the weather I would go out into the Wilderland. Taking my camera, my compass, curiosity and no expectations. I was usually rewarded with  gifts that are recognized when we have the time to be still and truly be at one with what we love. I was often gifted with a sense of solitude, total acceptance and gratitude. All very good

and important things. I have organized the galleries for the Year One by the season.

This project will end on the last day of Summer 2025. 

Autumn 2014
September. October. November. December

Autumn is a special time. September in the Wilderland, you can feel nature getting ready. Shorter days, longer shadows, sepia light, jewel colored leaves and birds flying south in formations and murmurations. Sometimes it is still a little warm. The Wilderland is very special in any season.

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September 21st-30th.... October Weeks 1&2 Weeks 3&4

November Weeks 1&2 Weeks 3&4...December Weeks 1,2&3   

Spring 2015

March. April. May. June

Spring in the Wilderland is slow to show up. The amusing moments are when Winter and Spring are going back and forth. Spring always wins but it is an uphill battle. Once Spring arrives the land wakes up and there is a bright green cast in meadows, marshes and the many deciduious trees. A harbinger of spring is Ospreys flying overhead and catching fish. I like watching the Turkey Vultures catching the currents and lazily soaring in the sky until nightfall. The sweet sounds of spring  are rushing water, baby birdies and lobster boats going out early, and coming back in late.

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March 21-31st ....  April Weeks 1&2 Weeks 3&4

May Weeks 1&2  Weeks 3&4   

June Week 1    Weeks 2&3



Winter 2014-15

December.  January.  February.  March

Winter is a time for the earth to rest. The Winter Wilderland weather is harsh winds, snow and ice. The shoreline becomes littered with the detritus of winter, shelves of ice, snowy drifts and what washes up from a very active sea. Shorelines can change in the course of one large storm!

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December 21st-31st... January Weeks1&2 Weeks3&4

February Weeks1&2 Weeks 3&4   March Weeks 3&4


Summer 2015

June. July. August. September

Summertime in the Wilderland is what gives Maine the name "Vacationland. These precious months are a dream. The days are long, the light lingers and the water is warm for a full week in August. It is a time for hiking, exploring, boating and enjoying starlit nights and campfires complete with nightime soirees of Fireflies and the sound of hooting Owls. The Birdies are here, on the edge of the Sea, Marshes, Lakes and Ponds, they flew a far distance to join us for their summertime adventures. The marshes and estuaries are filled with fish and the Herons, Bitterns, Egrets and other Marsh Birds are out in force with their sharp spiky Beaks eating more fish than we would care to realise. The lakes and ponds are a delight and it is always fun to canoe, swim and relax. If you listen closely and are lucky you can hear the lonesome cry of the Loons. Magic. Summer is when the Wilderland is at its very best.


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June  July Weeks 1&2 Weeks 3&4


August Weeks 1&2 Weeks 3&4  



September Weeks 1&2 Weeks 3&4





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