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WilderlandMaine Project 2015-2018

kdbWilderland Studios

I created two Art Studios for this intensive project.

My Encaustic Studio was on the Phippsburg Reach at my Basecamp. This studio was small and only could accomodate my wax work. My Intown Studio was located 20 minutes from Basecamp on the shore of the Kennebec River in the City of Bath. I was the Artist in Residence at The Chocolate Church Art Gallery January-July 2015. This public space was a delightful spot to paint with Acrylics on all sizes of canvas.

I enjoyed talking to people as they visited the Gallery.

kdb Encaustic Studio: A few things you may be curious about. Encaustic means, to paint with fire. It is a process that has been around for 4000 years. I paint at 200 degrees and then fuse layer after layer together until I have completed my painting. Encaustic is Bees Wax and Damar Resin, it must be done in a well ventilated space. This procees of painting requires Natural Bristle Brushes, dedicated to only this Wax process and a hard substrate, such as cradled Birch board to paint upon. This is a magical medium and often times it does not do exactly what you would expect, but I do love it and enjoy the process and overall effect.

kdb Intown Canvas Studio: I was fortunate, the Chocolate Church Art Center in Bath graciously allowed me to be the Artist in Residence, in the ART Gallery for the duration of the Wilderland Project. It allowed me a public venue and large space to do my Acrylic work. I worked on canvases of all sizes and enjoy the folks who pop into the gallery from time to time.  Click to "like" facebook/kdbwilderland


View the Wilderland Collection of Encaustic Paintings.




View the Wilderland Collection Acrylic Paintings.




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