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Winter Wonder Wilderland...

Winter is a wonderland. It takes a bit of work to accept this season at times it can be very harsh out here on my lonely quiet reach on the coast of Maine. Once I passed over the hump of wishing for milder weather and had embraced this cold,

rough, windy and snowy season, the way I saw the Wilderland instantly turned to love. The beauty of each day reminds me that each season has its virtue. I think Winter is about color, light, shadows and textures.

My Snow Shoes are the footwear of choice during this season.

I pop these on my snowboots and I then can get out and document the most breathtaking examples of natural beauty. My favorite part of any day is being treated to the big show of Sunset. This time of day is something I have come to treasure.

One of my favorite walks is the windy expanse of snow that covers the sand at Popham Beach, nearest the Morse River. It is one of the most dramatic and extraordinary spots out here in the WIlderland. Ice formations created by the tides are otherwordly and I am always delighted and quite taken with the colors, patterns and textures left behind by the shifting winds, big waves and the many storms that can pound this east, west and south facing spit of land, jutting out into the Gulf of Maine.

Hermit Island is another spot I frequent. I am often the only soul out walking and leaving tracks in the newly fallen snow. It is so quiet and peaceful, it is almost eery. There can be several feet of snow covering marshes, ponds and the many beaches that dot our treasured little Island.

The colors at the begining and end of the day are always a full spectrum palette of unbelivable beauty.

My eyes, soul sand lense is treated to many rich saturated hues of Orange, Yellow, Red, Magent, Peach, Pinks and Lavender, Blue and even light golden Aquas that are very difficult to recreate with my paintbox.

These colors are reflected onto the Sea, Snow, Ice and the very wet Sand at lowtide. Watching day turn to night and being able to witness the magic wonder of nature, is worth every layer I am wearing.

My heart sings a song of joy that continues into the night.

It is an honor to document this extraordinary earthly delight we call sunrise and sunset. I sleep well with the colors of heaven, reflected in my dreams.

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