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The colors, texture and everchanging light are the triggers to my creative and curious brain. I use many mediums to tell the story of our precious planet. My images are often an inspiration for one of my paintings or illustrations. The shapes, patterns, colors and forms of the natural world have been making their way into my artwork since I was a child.

I have always seen the world through a light filled lens.

Golden afternoons, shadows on a cliff or the sun shining on a distant mountain peak, speak to me. As does the the stark relief of light as day turns to night or the morning sunrise, accompanied by songbirds singing as the new day dawns. Reflected light is a true delight for me, every time. I have always seen the shimmer and reflections of clouds and colors of the sky on the water in the landscape..

I picked up a camera when I was 14 and I have never put it down. I am still photographing everyday, which is an instant way to capture the scene to study later. 

I use many mediums in my work, but not all at the same time.

Encaustic, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Assemblage and Photography.


As an Artist I believe we live in a world of possibilities and that it is our job to respond to what we are observing, so those around us can share in the perspective of the moment. My Mother tells the story of my first three words, she was an Artist and very Catholic. Jesus, Mary and Van Gogh were my first spoken words! The story is there was a poster of Sunflowers by Van Gogh next to my high chair.

I am no longer a Catholic and I now attend the Church of Nature, most every day. I call it a walking meditation in the Wilderland. I believe that God is in all of the systems of Nature and if we respect nature we are respecting our highest selves and beyond. Loving, living and experiencing the gifts of our precious planet is how I spend my days when I am not in the studio.

 The Wilderland Maine Project...

…My love affair with Art and Nature is a colorful collision mixed with graphic elements. Being in nature, walking and observing our unique and varied landscape, then working in the studio and creating art is a divine joy to me. In the Autumn of 2014 I began a One Year Climate Change Project “Wilderland Maine”. I have just completed the fourth and final year of this project!

This project has intensified my view of the absolute perfection of nature, every moment of everyday, week by week and season by season. I have fallen deeply in love with all that the Wilderland has to offer and this love is reflected in my Paintings and Photographs in ways I had never imagined.

Gallery Exhibits and Shows

2018 November-December Curator/Artist

"Four Years in Wilderland.Maine", Exhibit/Experience, Chocolate Church ART Gallery, Bath, Maine

2018 June-October - Couleur Collection, Falmouth, Maine

2016- 2017 ongoing Endicott Home, Scarborough, Maine.

2017 September/October/November "Birds of the Wilderland" Solo Show - Pemaquid Watershed Association, Damariscotta, Maine 

2016, The Wilderland, Solo Exhibit, Audubon Gilsland Farm, Falmouth, Maine

2016-2018 - ongoing Casco Bay Artisans, Portland, ME.

2015-2017 - Stable on Front Gallery, Bath, ME.

2011-2017  Blessings Home & Garden Store, Brunswick, ME.

2010-2018 ongoing, Yarmouth Frame Gallery, Yarmouth, ME.

2010-2017  Ornament Home and Garden, Bath, ME.

2016  June/July/August/Sept. Maine Audubon Center, Falmouth, Me.

2015 June/July/August Curator/Artist: Wilderland Maine Exhibit/Experience, Featuring Paintings, Photographs Chocolate Church ART Gallery, Bath, ME. and Assemblages. 

2011- 2013 Curator of 14 Exhibits at the Chocolate Church ART Gallery, Bath, ME.

2013-2014  November - January  - Lyceum Gallery, Lewiston, ME.

2013 October–December "Local"-Featured Artist, Brunswick, ME

2012-2014 ongoing, Curator/Artist:  The Salt Exchange Restaurant, Portland, ME

2012-2014 Curator/Artist Tao Restaurant, Brunswick, Me.

2011-2014 Couleur Collection, Falmouth, ME.

2012-2013 December-January, Curator/Artist“Small Wonders” 

The Salt Exchange Restaurant, Portland, ME

2012 October-December, Group Exhibit, Lyceum Gallery, Lewiston, ME

2012 October-November, Curator/Artist

“The Maine Coast”, The Salt Exchange Restaurant, Portland, ME

2012 October, Group Exhibit, Yarmouth ART Festival, Yarmouth, ME

2012 July-ongoing, Tao Restaurant, Brunswick, ME

2012 July, ArtRAVE, Brunswick Inn, Brunswick, ME

2012 April, Summer Island Gallery, featured Artist, Brunswick Maine

2012 March-May, Aarhus Gallery, Group Exhibit, Belfast, ME

2011-2012 January-December Curated/Artist

7 Group Shows, Chocolate Church ART Gallery

2011-12 Ongoing, Blessings Home and Garden Store, Brunswick, ME

2011-12 December- ongoing, Couleur Collection, Falmouth, ME

2011- 12 December, ongoing, Yarmouth Frame Shop, Yarmouth, ME

2011-12 November- April, “The Natural World”, Solo Show, at The Carriage House, Brunswick Inn, Brunswick, ME.

2011 September - November, Curator and Artist: “Drawn From Nature”, Chocolate Church Center for The Arts, Art Gallery.

2011 September M.A.C. Group Show, Brunswick, ME

2011 July Art RAVE, Brunswick, ME.

2011 May- April 2012 “Under The Sea”, Solo Show, Little Tokyo Restaurant, Brunswick, ME

2011 May- September, “Maine Nature”, Carriage House, Brunswick, ME

2011 March, Local Color 2011, Bayview Gallery, Brunswick, ME

2011 January - March, “Natural Maine”,  Solo Show, The Salt Exchange Restaurant, Portland, ME

2010-11 November -November, Ornament, Home and Garden Store, Bath, ME

2010-12 September-ongoing, Blessings, Home and Garden Store, Brunswick, ME

2010 October, A Moveable Feast-ArtRAVE, Brunswick, ME

2010 August, A Moveable Feast-ArtRAVE, Brunswick, ME

2010 June through December, “Maine Nature”, Solo Show The Carriage House, The Brunswick Inn, Brunswick, ME

2009 December, A Moveable Feast-ArtRAVE, Brunswick, ME

2008-2009 Group Show, Green Rice Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina


Related Experience

​2014- 2018 Wilderland Maine Project. Artist/Photographer

2012 - 2014– Curator-

The Salt Exchange Restaurant, Portland, ME. +

Tao Restaurant, Brunswick, ME

Chocolate Church ART Gallery, Responsible for 6 Exhibits per year. Working with Artists, & hanging Exhibits. Also responsible for promotion, posting/writing on Blog & Facebook page for CCAG.

2010 - Featured Maine photographer for WMTW’s Keep Maine Strong campaign, photos featured on Website, Posters and collateral.

2010 - A Moveable Feast-ArtRAVE. Collaborated with three artists to create and facilitate this group show. Promotion on Facebook & Blog.


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