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Curious Naturalist

Passionate Observer


Photography is a magic medium. I delight in capturing light and energy paired with a sense of mystery that allows for the viewer to connect with the image. My favorite time to shoot is at the beginning or the end of the day when the light is rich and the shadows are long, it makes for moody and interesting colors. My photos are not manipulated, other than being fully present and open to nature.

I enjoy photographing Birds, Flowers, Bugs, Landscapes, Still lives, People and Architecture.

I have been a photographer since the age of 14. I have had a blast exploring many different facets of this medium.

Darkroom, Flim, Hand tinted Sepia, Large format, 35mm, Digital and now iphone! Wow, the photo-world has

evolved into a medium that now in the age of computers and design programs seems to have endless possibilities.


All living things matter, Eco-systems, Birdies, Wildlife, Insects, Plants, Flowers and YOU. kdb ART is inspired every day by all that our natural world has to offer. Thank you for being interested in the great outdoors and all of the magic Wilderland.Maine has to offer.




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