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Scoots, Eiders and a Loon

The water is mostly frozen. Mostly is the word. The few spots that remain open are usually the edge of the sea and tidal bays. These are the hearty water fowl that winter here. Brrrr.

I think this White Winged Scoot looks a bit like Amy Winehouse with the eyeliner action going on!

Eiders make the sweetest cooing sound. They travel in little flocks, the males and females traveling together. It makes it feel a bit less lonely when I am out walking and photographing to hear them talking back and forth. I also like that the Eiders will coo back, if you coo to them in their little Eider kind of way.

Loons are common in Maine. I have not heard them make their Loon call in the Winter, they may I just have not heard them. They can be found where there is open water near the spots where the river meet the ocean.

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