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As a Painter and an Artist I enjoy working in many different mediums. My two top favorites are Encaustic and Acrylic. I like the ease and fluidity of Acrylic, sometimes I use it a bit like Watercolor! Encaustic, well that is a whole different medium. It involves science and alchemy. Painting with this ancient medium (4000 years old) is really a joy to me! Encaustic is latin for, "to paint with fire" . I like the sweet smell of honey and the warmth created by working with the Encaustic medium and pigments which I heat up to 200 degrees.

My work is available at many Stores, Galleries and Restaurants in Maine and here in my mid-coast studio/home gallery.

If you would like to purchase a painting or learn more, please contact me, via email or phone!

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy my love notes to nature.
Encaustic Paintings

Encaustic Painting is a medium that is 4000 years old. It is true alchemy. Bees Wax mixed with Damar Resin+ Pigments, heated to 200 degrees, making it liquid. Many layers of heated encaustic medium are applied with a natural bristle brush, it is then fused with a heat gun, painting layer upon layer until the piece is deemed finished. Some pieces are carved right into the wax creating Encaustic Etchings.

Nature is my Muse and molten Bees Wax is one of my favorite mediums.

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Acrylic Paintings

Such a fluid medium. It dries quickly and is easy to apply. I love working on oversize canvases and creating walls or blocks of colors. Ah, painting, creating and being in the studio. Bliss.

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