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January 11, 2016



Have you been wondering where you can view or see the Wilderland Collection? 

I have joined in an alliance with Endicott Home Furnishings in Scarborough Maine. It is an interesting fit. Ross & Christine Endicott have worked hard over the past decade to bring Green and...

June 2, 2015

This Exhibit is an invitation to be curious.
How will the Kennebec River change in decades to come and what do those changes mean?
By the time the Kennebec gets to the City of Bath, it is brackish water. It then travels 10 nautical miles down river to the outgoing tide...

March 23, 2015

I think of each Season as being a wheel. When we are at the top of the wheel it just couldn't be any more like a Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn day. Funny, each year we never know how long we will be on top of that wheel. I can tell you this, the Winter of 2015 had a...

March 15, 2015

This has been a most amazing Wilderland Winter. It seems as if the North Pole came to visit in the middle of January and is now finally taking its leave. Extraordinary, truly. Temperatures often never reached eor. For days, weeks and for a couple of months, it was wind...

March 5, 2015


The water is mostly frozen. Mostly is the word. The few spots that remain open are usually the edge of the sea and tidal bays. These are the hearty water fowl that winter here. Brrrr.

I think this White Winged Scoot looks a bit like Amy Winehouse with the eyeliner acti...

February 24, 2015


The New Meadows River has iced up down at the shore where it meets the Gulf of Maine. The patterns and colors are otherwordly.












The light travels and reflects in ways that seem impossible. Suspended Seaweed, Layers and chunks of Ice, all changing with the tid...

February 19, 2015


It is so cold, icy and snowy that I can only be out in the Wilderland with Snowshoes if I want to do any kind of rambling about. I have been on long wlaks at Popham Beach and Hermit Island, I have also popped them on at Sebasco and the edge of Center Pond. I have a gr...

February 12, 2015

This morning I woke up to a partially cloudy day, but the light in the sky was a Lemon Yellow. I geared up and went out to take some photographs. I decided to head towards the Village of Popham. As I was passing Pond Light I decided to pull over. The road has at least...

February 9, 2015

Winter is a wonderland. It takes a bit of work to accept this season at times it can be very harsh out here on my lonely quiet reach on the coast of Maine. Once I passed over the hump of wishing for milder weather and had embraced this cold,

rough, windy and snowy seaso...

January 15, 2015

I have always found these quiet looking beauties to be so lovely and peaceful. After a hefty storm these shells are strewn about on the sandy shore. I have always loved finding them, marveling at their muted colors and admiring their interesting shapes. I decided to go...

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