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What a Winter it has been...

This has been a most amazing Wilderland Winter. It seems as if the North Pole came to visit in the middle of January and is now finally taking its leave. Extraordinary, truly. Temperatures often never reached eor. For days, weeks and for a couple of months, it was windy, snowy, icy and crazy cold.

However, the silver lining was that the light at the end of the day was incredible. Colors and hues I had never experienced in nature, Lemon Yellows, Peaches and Rasberry, Violets, Periwinkles Mauves and well the list goes on. The clouds and blowing snow with the reflected colors and light were unbelievable. I would go out with my snowshoes and photograph at Popham Beach, Hermit Island, Sebasco and other spots out here in the Wilderland. I was always frozen to the core when I got back to Basecamp but amazed, deligthed and in awe of what my camera had recorded. The colors were rich and saturated beyond belief. I was always inspired and moved beyond measure. What a Place, what a Winter what a Project. Click here to view more Photos.

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