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Liking the Lichen

When I set out for my daily Wilderland adventure, I look at the weather, light, tides, winds and the time of day. I then settle on the spot of the day, where I will walk. I then arrive with an open mind and no agenda. Many days I walk on the edges of Bogs and in Woodland areas. These places are alive with many varieties of Lichen and Moss all growing on fallen trees and the impressively large rock ledges, mostly granite but not always. The patterns and colors of Lichen can be heartstoppingly lovely. Greys and Greens, light and dark and bright Golds and Oranges. What a palette nature has created.

So the deal with Lichen is simple, super simple in fact. Lichen is often considered the oldest life form on our planet. Lichens are a symbiotic relationship between Fungus and Algae. The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about Lichen, his eyes danced when he shared this fact with me. "So here is the wonder, Lichen is made up of Fungus that can partner with Algae or Cyanabacteria that manufactire food through photosynthesis." Wow. The natural world is filled with surprises!

There are 20,000 species of Lichen. One other interesting fact, Lichen covers up to 8% of the Earths surface. Geez man, that is some kind of wonderful. I love the shapes, patterns and colors. I am liken Lichen, yes! By the way, they do always remind me of plant life forms you would encounter in the Sea.

Sheet Moss
Leafy Foliose
Lichen Filamentose
Crustose (Front) Fruiticose (Middle)
Fruiticose variety with Moss

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