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The kdb.Wilderland Project

The Wilderland Project. A passionate and creative documentation of the land that reaches out into the sea, along the shores of the Kennebec River. This year long exploration and creative documentation starts up river at Swans Island, the tippy top of the Merry Meeting Bay. This is a very unique region, fresh and salt water mix to create an environment that attracts many raptors, a stunning amount of fish, shell fish and some interesting Crabs and even Eels! It is fun to see the Cormorants gathered on the craggy trees up in RIchmond and Bowdoinham. Not only the Merrymeeting Bay but the creeks, rivers, marshes and estuaries are also on the fly way for many migrating birds, these shores are tidal and are rich in food for these seasonal travelers.

The four seasons create a different environment for a variety of living things throughout the year.

I will be documenting these seasons mostly down the Kennebec River, where it meets the Atlantic and flows into the Gulf of Maine on the sandy and rocky shores.

To get daily updates, like my kdb.wilderland facebook page.

Thanks for being curious and a friend of nature,


Contrails in the evening Sky
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