Stop Plan To Trap and KILL ALL and Any Fox on the Southend of Bath, Maine. On the shore of the Kennebec River.

Not all Foxes are rabid, The new policy is to trap all and any fox they can, kill it, then check for rabies. In many parts of the country they set out rabies vacs in pellets. ORV's have had success here in the state of Maine. Skunks and other small mammals get a dose, because they will eat them too! That is sensible, kind and keeps the system intact. In other parts of the country, people have to deal with Alligators or Rattlesnakes or Bears or now most everywhere,TICKS.

Being mindful of our surroundings is the key. We are watchful for skunks here in Bath so

 why not be watchful for a fox who is walking crooked and acting strange. Our safety is

ultimately up to us. Consider this

mindful approach to killing

ALL and any fox found.

Do you want to stop the MASS KILL of FOX?

What can you do? You can make noise. Share this posting on your wall, invite your friends to join this group, the more the better. Your opinion matters.

Sign the petition and most importantly>>>>Send your City Councilors emails, call and talk to the town manager, write letters to the paper and show up at any and all meetings. Say yes to Fox and No to Ticks and an ecosystem out of balance. Go to to check for meetings!


Save the Fox!!

Featured in the Portland Press Herald and in the Brunswick Times Record. 

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From the Portland Press Herald Newspaper:

Journalist: Eric Russell

"Opposition is mounting against a plan by Bath city officials to partner with the U.S. Department of Agriculture on trapping and killing potentially rabid animals to address a spate of scary fox attacks and near misses.

A Facebook group, led by a local artist, was created this week to mobilize the critics. Kdb Dominguez questioned whether the city considered all its options, or the consequences of killing animals that help keep the populations of mice and rats in check.

“The most amazing thing that’s coming out of this is that it’s such a unique moment to educate about the system of predators and prey,” Dominguez said Thursday. “I’m not really an activist. I speak up for nature. If something doesn’t have a voice, someone needs to speak up for it. But I’ve found that a lot of people want to speak up.”

The Facebook group, created on Wednesday, had 181 members Thursday afternoon and featured scores of comments and replies."

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